Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Unseasoned Series: Part 1

As we are now solidly into August, we are at an interesting point in the seasons, and in fashion. It is still horribly hot - especially in the South and on the East, but all the fall clothes are starting to come out. When it's this hot, who wants to think about jackets, tights and sweaters? Not me. I sweat just thinking about putting those articles on. Well, to ease you in, I have a series of clothes that will carry you from summer to fall, so no need to panic about what to wear in the future, because you can find things for fall in your closet today! Hence the title: Unseasoned - these pieces have no season!

First in the series: army jackets. Army jackets are super on-trend right now. I've seen military themed clothing popping up everywhere, and the army jacket is a great element of this trend to jump on because its shape is flattering to almost everyone. I bought mine from Gap Kids boys section - size XXL. Kids clothing is so much cheaper! But here are some great army jackets actually made for women.

1. Vince Cotton Twill Parka 395.
2. Topshop Washed Army Jacket 125.
3. Urban Renewal Vintage Cinch Waist Army Jacket 48.

Each of these are great army jackets, and another reason that they are a trend I am happy about is that you really don't need to drop a wad of cash on it. Exhibit A: my own Gap Kids boys jacket - $44. Anytime I can jump on a trend and spend $44 on it? Duh, I'm so there!

So how will you wear this during the summer? This is how:

1. BCBG Maxazria White Stretch Poplin Ruffle Trim V-Neck Dress 131.99. I love the idea of putting a white summer dress under a tough army jacket. What makes it all the better? The ruffles! The feminine touch offsets the masculinity of the jacket. I also love that it's a v-neck, becuase army jackets are boxy - the jacket isn't showing off your shape, the ruffles around the v-neck can show off some cleavage.

2. Alex And Ani Shoto Expandable Wire Bangle 38. I love this bangle with the wood embellishments, it's earthy but also so pretty. 

3. Matisse Rita Espadrille Wedge 29.99. A brown espadrille is perfectly summery and the browns in the shoe and the bangle compliment the white and the olive nicely.

And after the dog days of summer are over, the army jacket leads you directly into fall. Although the crisp fall weather feels so far away, I have a basic fondness for fall clothes. I love luxurious cashmere, thick scarves, boots and jackets, and I can't wait until the weather permits their use again.

In the spirit of planning ahead, the army jacket into fall:

1. Bop Basics Thick Knit Eternity Scarf 68. I love eternity scarves, especially American Apparel circle scarves. I love they way they sit so close to your neck and keep you so snuggly and warm. 

2. Patterson J. Kincaid Plaid Buttondown 68.60. Patterson blouses are super flattering, and I love the idea of plaid with the army jacket. It's a totally rustic look.

3. Frye Melissa Button Boot 288. Frye boots are so durable and comfortable, definitely worth the investment as you will wear them for years. I like the equestrian look of these, and the cognac color is slightly different but so rich looking.

4. AG Stilt Jeans 130-250.  
So now, go forth and rock the army jacket from summer to fall. And Part 2 of the series will be posted tomorrow!