Thursday, March 31, 2011

It's A Jungle Out There: Safari Trend

As you can tell, the safari trend is all about natural nudes. Safari blends well with tribal, bright colors, however, which you can get a peek of in the image I took of the MARC sleeveless jacket.

This is the last post in the safari trend, focusing on the sleeveless safari jacket. This is a great summer piece because it is a light fabric and would be nice and cool.

I recommend pairing it with white shorts, I like these cuffed ones that are an appropriate length - do NOT wear short-shorts with these, please, I beg of you.

Belt the safari jacket to give it some shape, and wear a natural looking leather bracelet. I love this one from Juicy Couture with a hint of prep to it. Make your legs look great with high, natural colored espadrilles, and you are ready for the summer! 

Friday, March 25, 2011

It's A Jungle Out There: Safari Trend

I am obsessed with this skirt from Jones New York. I saw it in a magazine and thought, "so cute!" then saw the price and thought, "DONE!" It is a great piece for the price. Pencil skirts are very flattering, and honestly, $99 is about how much I am willing to spend on a passing trend. So once I saw this skirt my next thought was, of course, what do I wear this with? 

I would wear it with a great swingy, boxy sweater. Whenever I do tight on one part of the body (like with this pencil skirt) I like to go loose on the other part (boxy sweater). It is flattering and appropriate. I love this light sweather in a matching neutral from MICHAEL Michael Kors. I can also see that sweater with white shorts or jeans. Underneath the sweater wear a simple white tank underpiece.

Wear some great accessories with this, like a wooden bead necklace - love the one glittery accent - and snakeskin shoes that don't have a pattern, just a texture, in basic nude. You're ready for the urban or corporate jungle.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

It's A Jungle Out There: Safari Trend

Boy, oh boy. I have been SUCH a slacker on this. These last four weeks have been the busiest of my life. Between extra-curricular activities, midterms and day-to-day school work and life, the blog has DEFINITELY been the thing that I let slip. Well, here is my return to the blogging scene. And it is starting with a major trend we are seeing for spring/summer: safari! Here is a way to wear a safari print short:

Safari printed shorts are super cute and fun. I love the little pleat at the top of the short that gives them a bit more volume - more flattering to the non-model sizes.

Wear a basic tee on top, black would work, but I quite like this bone color to play off the browns and peaches in the shorts.

There is some great tribal and safari inspired jewelry out there right now, and I could not be more obsessed with this necklace. I love the mix of the metal and wood links with the stones - it is so cool and mixed media. I also love this color and theme complementing bangle. 

Finally, subtly mix prints with these snakeskin sandals. The small print on the shoe won't pick up as clashing with the shorts, so embrace the mix.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Diane von Furstenberg Shows No Minimalism

After being "Phoebe Philo-ified" this fall with all our camel and minimalism, it looks like this Spring and next fall we are going to be "Prada-ified." Miuccia Prada declared she was tired of minimalism, and was she ever. Her bold color blocking, crazy prints, and colored furs from the Prada Spring 2011 show are appearing in different iterations on the NYC runways for Fall/Winter 2011. Throw in some old West American spirit and you've got Diane von Furstenberg's "American Legends" Fall 2011 show.

Wide-brimmed hats with stampede strings and suede accessories accented with fringe indicate that Fall 2011 will head in a decidedly Western direction. You have to look closely but if you look at the boots on the right and left images you can see the fringe swinging in the back, and you can see the fringe coming off of the coat the model wears in the center image. 

I've never been happier that I own a pair of cowboy boots. I also own a gorgeous camel sweater with fringe that runs along the back of the sleeves and across the back. I will definitely be taking these items out next fall!

These are merely two images (of many possible options) from the show to illustrate that Diane's customer should have no fear of print. Prints certainly gel with the tradition of the house, but I think there were a lot more over-the-top prints on top of prints at this show. And of course, runway shows are not how things get styled on the street, so this is naturally open to interpretation by the consumer, but this consumer is not going to be afraid of getting noticed next fall. Speaking of getting noticed...

You best not be afraid of color! The colors are certainly in a different palette than Prada's, less bright more deep, but the boldness is the same. I love the center image with the aubergine coat over the raspberry dress. Beautiful color combination. Also, colored fur is reigning supreme for next fall.

And finally, here is my absolutely favorite look from the show. I want to buy it NOW. I would wear it to a nighttime summer wedding:

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

King of NY Fashion Tells Us What to Wear

Marc Jacobs tells us what we will be wearing next season. His Spring show featured bold colors and 1970s silhouettes. Check out any website or fashion magazine right now and what trends are they touting as the musts for spring? Oh that's right, bright color mixing and 1970s inspired outfits.

So what now Mr. Jacobs? What will I be wearing next fall? It looks like I will be wearing a lot of plastic, deep, strong colors like black, white, gray, cognac, navy, maroon and hunter green, tons of polka dots, longer lengths, lace, and even some polka dots mixed with lace. Let's take a look at the trends Marc Jacobs set for fall 2011 on February 14th, 2011.

This fall 2011 woman is bad. ass. She isn't about easy dressing, that's for sure. She is about highly structured and honestly, not the must comfortable fabrics - like rubber. According to, Marc worked with House of Harlot to create these skirts and dresses out of rubber to look like sequins. We are about 100 miles away from the floaty, effortlessness of his spring collection.

As you can see, polka dots EVERYWHERE. Covering the entire garment and in accent, big polka dots, small polka dots, and on tights. Just. Everywhere. Embrace it. It's happening. These looks also give you a good sense of the color palette. 

 And here is the lace! I actually LOVE the bits of lace applique applied to the skirts and tops. The broad shoulders and structured silhouettes don't exactly cry out "feminine," so the lace elements are a nice touch. In the center we have polka dots mixed with lace and a touch of the Wild West in the collar there (a trend echoed in DVF and Rodarte, and a couple other of the later looks in Jacobs' show). And finally, we have that gorgeous red all-over-lace dress.

Jacobs is certainly sticking with the trend of longer lengths that we have been seeing the evolution of lately. Skirts and dress that graze below the knee and mid-calf are going to carry us through spring to next fall. Start your shopping list folks, we have got a lot of Fashion Week to go...

Looking Forward To...

 I cannot wait for the Proenza Schouler show today. I have planned my schedule today around watching it live on their website airing at 8PM EST. Above is a look from the Fall 2011 line, and I can't wait to see the larger collection that it fits in with. 

The image is from's "First Look" series where they offer one look from fashion shows before the show takes place - it's a great inside look. Read the brief article about the collection here, it really sounds spectacular.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wear With Two Tone Brogues

A fun and more prepster way to wear two-tone brogues is by pairing black and white brogues with an on-trend black jumpsuit.

Over the jumpsuit, wear an American classic - the denim jacket. Throw on a circle scarf with thin black and white strips to ramp up the prepster vibe, and then wear an oversize gold watch. I love Michael Kors watches, how they are refined and yet mens-like because of their oversize.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Wear With Two Tone Brogues

An unconventional way to wear classic menswear two-tone brogues is to make them edgy. Wear leggings as pants - a controversial choice, I know - but I do think it's okay if your top covers your bum.

Therefore, wear a long tunic in a fun pattern - like this leopard tunic. It looks sheer so I would wear a black tank top underneath. Obviously it's freezing outside, so wear a shearling lined leather jacket over the printed tunic. Finally, wear a neutral colored scarf, like this sand colored one in a nubby, natural texture.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wear With Two Tone Brogues

My favorite TV show of all time is Gilmore Girls, and as a part of Rory Gilmore's high school uniform, she had to wear saddle shoes. I understand that brogues and saddle shoes are different - brogues are characterized by a decorative toe cap, whereas a saddle shoe has the decorative "saddle" over your foot - but they seem very similar to me so when this trend came across my radar all I could think of was a private school girl's uniform. However, with the right outfit, a private school uniform will not even cross your mind while wearing two-tone brogues (seen on several celebrities lately). 

Here is one suggestion of how to create an outfit around a pair of brogues:

These brogues are a pinkish leather with dark brown accents. This pair of brogues are certainly eye-catching, so keep the rest of the elements of the outfit in basic colors. 

Wear a khaki brown pleated skirt (and I wouldn't object to tights in this weather). On top, wear a slouchy boyfriend tee with a tailored blazer. The blazer draws in the tailored structure of the shoes, and the oversized tee keeps it casual and cool. 

Throw on a scarf for warmth in a creamy winter white. And you've got a pitch-perfect outfit that will complement the shoes without pulling attention away from them.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Style to Steal: Martha Streck

Could her hair look any more awesome underneath that hat? I love the texture. My favorite elements of this outfit are the details. For example, how she is wearing sheer dot tights under her cuffed boyfriend jeans. 

Or, how her booties are essentially lace-ups - you can see them looping in and out - but done with leather instead of fabric shoelaces. I also love her retro sunglasses and I have wanted a pair like that for quite a while. 

When I head to New York in  two weeks I will definitely be recreating this look. Here is an inexpensive way to nab her great outfit:

Shopping Information Below:

How to Mix Prints

Mixing floral prints can look great - but also like Bozo the Clown. Here are the keys: keep them in the same color palette, and vary the size of the floral print. 

Like the above - a light blue cardigan and a navy skirt, where the cardigan has a very small print and the skirt is a bigger and more abstract print. 

For the skirt, I don't love the black belt with it, so I would remove it and wear a cream one to compliment the other colors better. Over the cardigan wear a dark gray, or in this case what Madewell calls "heathered blacktop," blazer. 

And the shoes should compliment the palette of the entire outfit. I got so lucky finding these! Gray with blue color-blocking - the perfect colors. Now go and mix some prints with ease!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

How to Mix Prints

Yesterday I suggested mixing stripes, but you can certainly get bolder with more artistic prints. Whereas the key with stripes was different width, the key with artistic prints is color. Keep one half of the outfit in a neutral - gray, black, white, you get the idea - like this skirt. I love the plaid print with lines that look as if they've been drawn in chalk!

The other half can be a fun rich color like this awesome ink-blot top in gorgeous orange and navy with hints of pink. The rest of the outfit should be plain and simple - opaque black tights and black booties will do the trick with this fuller skirt. 

Monday, January 24, 2011

How to Mix Prints

A great way to start mixing prints is by mixing your stripes. Do this by mixing the width of your stripes - like in the above example - with a thick striped sweater and a thin striped scarf. You can also mix a thick striped cardigan with a thin striped tank top. Just make sure you have one of each. Wear a basic tank underneath the sweater, gray denim, black leather riding boots, and an open black blazer thrown on for some warmth.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Style to Steal: Alana Zimmer

Alana Zimmer has walked for basically everyone. From Alexander McQueen and Louis Vuitton to Banana Republic and Lanvin for H&M. And not only does she rock amazing outfits on the runway, but she shows great personal style off the runway. Here is your way to steal her great style. 

You can't really tell what she is wearing underneath that great double-breasted coat, so I've put this outfit with a white tunic top. If you're going to wear skinny leather pants, or what I've featured here as an inexpensive alternative - the American Apparel nylon tricot legging - I beg of you, wear something on top that covers your butt. It just looks more appropriate.  

For the coat, look for a double-breasted one with menswear tailoring. Like I said, wear a long white tunic top, and a printed scarf like this fun one from Topshop. Wear short flat boots like these from Sam Edelman, black leather gloves, and carry a black quilted bag with a long gold chain to imitate Zimmer's style.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

How to Look Good in Layers

This is the outfit I have essentially been living in lately - with minor variations. Basic white v-necks are my wardrobe staples. Specifically, ones from Madewell with a great boyfriend fit. The day that I heard they had been discontinued was a very sad time for me. 

For warmth, wear a cozy and cute cashmere zip-up. It may mean paying a little more to get legitimate cashmere, but it will absolutely keep you warmer and it is worth it! Over the zip-up, wear a preppy blazer, which will take the outfit in a more structured and chic direction instead of just basic and casual. 

Wear a fun scarf in a pretty color and your favorite skinny jeans - as you all know, mine are "The Stilt" by AG - and a riding boot - my Frye's are my favorite pair that I wear everywhere. In terms of jewelry, I've been wearing a big cuff and a cocktail ring.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

How to Look Good in Layers

Denim jackets are tricky. They can look pretty tacky, but I am actually a big fan and I think they can look really cute. Especially over stripes. It gives a nautical / Americana impression. 

So to stay warm this winter, wear a striped sweater as your base. Put on a denim jacket, and then a puffer coat. I recommend trying on a puffer coat before you commit to the purchase. They can make you look HUGE. However, they are exceptionally warm and if the puffs (is that the right word?) are the right size, I think a puffer can look quite stylish. 

Wear a red circle scarf to keep your neck warm - the picture of this scarf looks very tomato-y but it's not like that in reality which is a good thing. A deeper red looks better with classic nautical stripes. I mean, you don't want to look like an American flag. 

Finally, wear skinny black pants and a black riding boot to polish off the look in a classic and simple way.

Monday, January 17, 2011

How to Look Good in Layers

I am blogging this as I watch the Golden Globes where the actors are discussing the 80 degree heat in LA. That sounds pretty good right now seeing as I just spent three days in 22 degree NYC and am now in Nashville where temps are around 40. So I can't really visualize myself in a stunning hot pink Calvin Klein - here's looking at you Claire Danes.

What I'm wearing is layers of cashmere, jackets, coats and scarves. The tricky thing about layering is that it is easy to look bulky. And who wants that? Therefore, layering should be considered carefully and pieces picked specifically. Here is an outfit that will keep you warm while still being body flattering.

When layering, try and mix pieces that don't add bulk to the same body parts. I'm not sure that makes perfect sense so let me explain. Instead of wearing a thick sweater under a coat, wear a cropped faux fur vest. A thick sweater under a coat will double the bulk on your arms and could look very thick. 

Therefore, wearing a faux fur vest keeps your upper body warm and the coat keeps your arms warm. Wear a blouse underneath - I like this one in a simple black and white stripe. On the bottom, wear classic black slacks, a simple belt and feminine flats to contrast the menswear coat. You'll be warm and stylish!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Style to Steal: Karlie Kloss

I totally love Karlie Kloss. I got to see her in person during the spring/summer shows and she has amazing personal style. I love her look here - totally cozy and yet still so pulled together and figure flattering. I did my best to find pieces that will create an outfit that is similar at a better price point. 

If you are going to do something similar to Karlie and wear a sweater under a blazer (which is a great way to stay warm and is a flattering way to layer) I recommend buying the blazer a size up so you can comfortably fit a sweater underneath it. Also, this would look great with the blazer unbuttoned and a scarf in a complimenting color - like brown that matches your accessories.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

What to Wear With: Faux Fur Vests

Finally, here is a more dressed-up way to wear faux fur vests. 

Wear a body con black sweater dress with opaque black tights so it doesn't look inappropriate - and so you stay warm. 

Over the sweater dress wear the black faux fur vest and belt it with a thick patent leather belt. Do not wear a thin belt, it must be thick or it will not look right with the vest (think the same rule that applies to sweater, the bigger/chunkier the sweater, the thicker the belt). 

Wear black pumps or black booties to finish off this all black look. 

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What to Wear With: Faux Fur Vests

This look is a bit edgier than I normally wear, but it is certainly on trend right now - especially in terms of the flat lace up boots. I wish I could rock them, but I feel like I am too classic and just not the right wearer for them. My good friend totally owns this pair of short, flat, black Frye boots when she wears them, and I wish I could pull them off, just not sure that's gonna happen. 

With a faux fur vest, wear an oversize sweater in a complimenting color - like this olive/khaki green. With an oversize sweater in an open weave, wear a solid tank underneath. This look would be great with gray denim, and as I've discussed - lace up flat boots. Then throw on a statement necklace like this bib necklace with a gold chain and red jewels.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What to Wear With: Faux Fur Vests

I purchased a faux fur vest from Zara last week, and have been thinking about the various ways in which I can wear it. I have come up with a few: casual, dressed-up, and edgy. Today, we are going to do casual, which is the closest to my day to day look.

My vest is black fur and I love its length, it just grazes my hips which is perfect for me - being 5'10" I often have difficulty with length. I wore it the other day with my favorite AG skinny jeans - The Stilt - a white button down, a pendant necklace made of two vintage keys I purchased at an antique store, and bright blue, pink and black leopard print Lanvin flats. Which is what the above outfit is based off of.

This Rachel Roy vest has the perfect length that my vest has - I have to be honest I'm not a fan of the belt, so I would take that off and leave the vest open. Wear a basic white button down under it - a staple everyone should own. Wear it with skinny jeans and bright flats like these bright blue ones from Steve Madden. Accessorize with funky pendant necklaces like these two: a clock face, and a funny jeweled fish. 

Monday, January 3, 2011

New Years Non-Goals

Image courtesy of The Daily Green
One of my favorite blogs, The City Sage written by Anne Sage, imitated Erin Loechner who writes Design for Mankind, in composing a list of New Years "Non-Goals" - habits and whatnot that you want to continue in the new year. So, inspired by these two women, I am going to do the same thing. 

Dagny, way to follow your passions this year and convince yourself to do something you always thought of, but never pursued - writing a fashion blog. It's difficult to put your ideas out there and I am proud of you for following what you enjoy most: talking about fashion. And, as luck would have it, it is one of the most fun things you do each day.

Dagny, a real strength of yours is your ability to be flexible in your conception of yourself. From thinking you would be a doctor back in high school, to thinking television production, to admissions officer and then assessing your strengths and being honest about what you loved, which has led you to the idea of fashion sales or marketing. Keep following what you love and the right opportunities and people will come your way.

Dagny, 2010 was a big year in that you learned to say no. You saw that saying no is so much harder than saying yes, and even when it comes with costs, sometimes it needs to be said. Setting boundaries makes you a stronger person, and when you can set boundaries in a relationship, that relationship becomes stronger.

Enjoy 2011 and make it the best one yet.