Monday, July 26, 2010

Flats, Flats, Flats, Flats, Flats, Everybody!

That title was supposed to be sung to the tune of LMFAO “Shots.” I’ll give you a minute to re-read it with that in mind….

The other evening my friend asked me how she can make her legs look the way they do in a heel, in a flat. I told her to walk on tip-toe. There are just some things that you can’t recreate about heels, (the look of your legs, the pain of your feet) in a flat. But you’ll notice that I post mostly about flats on this site. That’s because, like I’ve said, I am 5’10”. That fact hardly comes between me and my Louboutins, but it means that I spend a lot of time in flats because I don’t “need” the extra height.

As much as I admire the Carrie Bradshaw types that can run across Manhattan, in the snow, in 4 inch heel booties (See Sex and the City Movie 1), we need to be realistic about the fact that heels often cause excruciating pain.

Flats can be comfortable! And flattering! But, they can be both uncomfortable and unflattering too. I’m going to be honest here, flats are a situation where throwing some money at the problem is actually a good solution. Because why bother with missing out on the ka-pow of how your legs look in heels if your flat is going to be less flattering but equally as painful as the heel?

Here are the top three brands in my opinion for flattering and comfortable flats. They really aren’t in any order, they are all equally amazing.
1.    London Sole
2.    Tory Burch
3.    Bloch

London Soles are fabulous! They come in every color and cut, and they are so comfortable. A basic black pair for day, and office wear, or a pair of glitter, iridescent, or snakeskin flats for night. Either end of the spectrum at London Sole are cute and comfortable. Here is why they’re flattering: because they are “lowcut” which means they sit low on the sides of your feet and also reveal some “toe cleavage” which allows the leg to continue in its natural line and make your legs look long, not stout. In my opinion the best collections are Lowcut, Henrietta, Harriet, and Pirouette. The price can range from 60-250 depending on how fancy you want to get with them, but they have a fabulous sale section! The problem: their store locations are San Francisco, London and Santa Monica. Therefore, you might have to commit to buying a pair sight unseen and be willing to mail them back. But their company policy is that they will send you the correct size free of charge, so go forth without fear!

Ah, Tory Burch. Socialite turned designer. What an upgrade. And the public thanks her. Or I do at least. Her flats are glorious. I have six pairs at this point in different colors. They are incredibly classy looking and have become highly imitated by other brands by placing a cut-out plate on the toe. The Tory Burch flats are sturdier than the London Soles, but equally as flattering. Her “Reva Flat” is the most well known, and comes in a variety of colors and materials ranging from leather to rubber (perfect for a day of light rain). Tory Burch can be found online, in boutiques, as well as in Bloomingdales, Nordstroms, Neiman Marcus, Barneys, and other department stores all over the country. Take the time to find some near you and try them on, but once you find your size that size will work for every shoe you buy in her brand, I don’t even have to try on her shoes anymore. The Reva Flat starts at 180 a pair, which is pricey but a worthwhile commitment to comfort and style.

And finally, Bloch. Bloch is a brand that originally made shoes for dancers but only recently moved into the mainstream. This means that they are made with dancer’s feet in mind, but for the average person, meaning you essentially can’t beat their comfort! Their brand is not widespread, but can be found at Bloomingdales and Barneys as well as these department stores online counterparts and on net-a-porter. They run at about 130-200 a pair. These flats have the same virtues as the ones mentioned previously, and I highly recommend trying on a pair.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Whose Boyfriend Wore These Jeans?

Boyfriend jeans have been a trend for a while now, but I haven’t jumped on the bandwagon until lately. I was convinced that they wouldn’t be flattering, but I just hadn’t found the right pair. I finally found a pair at JCrew (marked down to $20 from $98) that are a light wash with a white paint splatter and make my legs look very lean, not bulky. Boyfriend jeans can be worn with a variety of tops and shoes depending on your personal style. And they transition easily from summer to fall. Think light flowy tops tucked into the jeans with espadrilles or sandals for the end of the summer. For the fall, do basic tees under cardigans, blazers or scarves, with a pair of loafers or flats. Here are examples of what I'll wear it with both now and later.

 Summer Looks
1. Anthropologie Bailaora Blouse, 188. The color is so fun, and I love how one sleeve is embellished.
2. ModCloth Olympe de Gouges Blouse, 47.99. This is such an elegant blouse, pull it on with a summer scarf for evening and it will transition from day to night.
3. Patterson J Kincaid Harlow Long Sleeve Blouse, 97. With an under-piece, this beautiful sheer blouse is perfect for hot summer weather, and will dress up casual boyfriend jeans
4. Paloma Barcelo Marina Suede Espadrille, 195. These espadrilles are totally cool with the elastic ankle straps.
5. JCrew Sardinia Wedge Espadrilles, 118. These espadrilles are so comfortable to walk in all day.
6. Boutique 9 Marcello Espadrille, 49.50. A traditional espadrille with a nice high wedge.

Fall Looks
1. Topshop 3/4 Sleeve Blazer, 125. A boyfriend blazer with boyfriend jeans is too much slouch. You need a blazer that ends at the hip-bone for a flattering look. Wear a boyfriend blazer with skinny jeans. This blazer will look good both unbuttoned and buttoned.
2. Delia's Paxton Tweed Blazer, 59.50. I love a gray tweed blazer, I think they are so cute and perfect for day time. Also they don't look too "office" for some reason, which is a direction that black, brown, navy or olive blazers can go in the direction of.
3. Rag and Bone Cheviot Jacket, 287.50. This blazer is a way to dress up boyfriend jeans. I love it's tuxedo look.
4. Via Spiga Olsin Loafer, 99. A patent loafer will look great with these jeans and blazer.
5. Bloch Two-Tone Perforated Leather Flats, 129.50. With a neutral blazer as a base, go nuts with the flat! Have fun with color and texture.
6. Nine West Frenuous Flat, 69.99. This studded out flats are perfect for night.

What I'll wear it with now. For day, a sheer white button down blouse with a summer-weight printed scarf and sandals or espadrilles. For night, a vintage sequin blazer, a basic tee, and my tallest stilettos.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Look! Shiny!

If you want me to wear something, put sequins on it. I’m serious, if there are sequins in a store I will find them and want them. Case in point: this H&M sweatshirt-material cardigan that is embellished with sequin flowers. This is in stores now and has a price tag of 29.95. It’s a lot of look, and that’s why it needs to be paired with a simple outfit. I would describe my style as classic, with a touch of feminine and a touch of edginess. Therefore, I tend to subscribe to the idea that one heavily embellished piece is enough in an ensemble, I think people who just pile it on look fake and over styled, but that’s just me.

What I'll wear with it: A basic black v-neck from American Apparel, a stack of simple gold bangles like these from Forever 21, and my favorite pair of AG skinny jeans.

Here are some other great sequin cardigans on the market right now
1. French Connection Bronte Cardigan, 59.99. I like the checked pattern but since it's all black, it's subtle, not tacky.
2. JCrew Peekaboo Sequin Cardigan, 118.00. This cardigan is more for someone who doesn't want over the top sparkle, but if you like the idea of a little bit of embellishment this is the cardigan for you.
3. JCrew Cascading Sequin Cardigan, 118.00. The alternating patterns of sequins are fun but not too much.
4. Marc by Marc Jacobs Sequined Merino Wool Cardigan, 300. The all over sequins make this glamorous, and would dress up any simple look.


Oh My Adriano Goldschmied, that is. Finding jeans should be easy. They are an American staple going back to the gold rush and Levi’s. Therefore there should be jeans for my body type just waiting for me to come snap them up at Bloomingdales! Wrong. Well, sort of right, it just takes perseverance. Let me describe myself a little here. I am 5’10”, but most of my height comes from my torso and not from my legs. I also have a smaller top half than bottom half. My tops are usually a 4 whereas my pants are a 6 or 8 depending on the brand. Because of all this, shopping for jeans can be an interesting adventure for me.

I finally struck gold, and the location of my gold rush is not Coloma, CA, but the AG store. And specifically the cut they call “the stilt.” It is a skinny leg jean but has a 12” ankle opening which is the key for me. I have muscular thighs from years of horse-back riding, and therefore I need the combination of a skinny jean (to elongate the leg) and the slightly wider opening at the ankle (to balance the widest part of my hips). The AG “stilt” is a dream come true. In any wash I buy them, they are flattering, and that’s about six different washes at this point. They obviously aren’t for everyone, but if it sounds like you might have a similar body type to me I would find a way to try on a pair ASAP. I also recommend that even if your body type is different from mine to try on jeans at AG. I went to their huge SoHo boutique with my mom and some family friends and we all found body changing pairs of jeans that are amazingly flattering.

Good luck, and happy denim-hunting.

Romper Room

I have spent most of my formative fashions years in fear of rompers. I’ve read enough posts on Go Fug Yourself about the myriad of issues they present, number one being the dreaded camel toe. There, I said it. See for yourself here. But then, I saw this silk striped romper at JCrew and despite my better judgment I tried it on. And it was so pretty! It was the perfect length for shorts on me, and it showed off my long and lean torso. (I am a tall girl – 5’10” – and the height is all in my torso). I felt as if I was betraying someone by liking a romper. But I forced myself to realize that it was legitimately flattering, and that day I learned how to embrace a romper.

What I’ll wear it with: it should be stated that a romper is like a dress and therefore a pretty complete look on its own. I would pair it with my favorite sandals of the summer mentioned in my previous post, the studded Tory sandals. Also, for when evenings become cool, I would wear a sheer cardigan. I am a huge cardigan fan, so I have about ten that would work with this. But here are some great ones you can find now:

1. JCrew Infinity Cardigan 89.50 I have this sweater, a Merino blend, from JCrew in about five different colors. I love the length and they are the perfect weight for layering.
2. JCrew Featherweight Cotton Long Cardigan 44.99 This is another great option from JCrew in a cotton.
3. Theory Cardigan 104.99 I like the 3/4 length sleeve for the summer, and the zipper detail that runs around the neck is a fun update instead of buttons
4. Marc by Marc Jacobs Bow Embellished Cardigan 160. This Marc by Marc sweater is a perfect length and weight, I love the color against the cream and navy of the romper, and the bow detail is sweet but not too cutesy

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Who Wears Short-Shorts?

Okay, so this title is a little deceiving, because these shorts aren’t short-shorts. Thank god. I’ll be the first to admit, I am not a size 0. Therefore, I am always happy to find flattering shorts. Why are they always the hardest? Dresses and skirts are no problem, but shorts rank up there with swim suits on the frustration meter for me. Lo and behold, these shorts came into my life on a trip to Madewell in Los Angeles, and I was hooked. They are the perfect flattering length, so easy and breezy--making them lovely in the heat, and a luxurious fabric.

What I’ll wear it with: because the shorts are such a rich blue, it looks great both with neutrals and other bright popping colors. I’ll pair it with a nude Club Monaco razor-back tank with a bubble hem, creating a voluminous and girly flow without adding bulk to the look. And on my feet I’ll wear light brown leather studded sandals from Tory Burch. On the colorful end, I’ll pair it with a JCrew hot pink tank tucked in to the shorts just in the front to create the bubble hem look that the Club Monaco top provides. You could wear this look with the Tory shoes as well, but a great alternative are these studded gladiator sandals from JCrew.

This JCrew top in blush stone is a great alternative to the Club Monaco top. And this Forever 21 tank is a great bright coral to pair with the blue of the shorts.

The Start of Something New

Welcome to Wear This With That! I am a girl of many interests: books – especially non-fiction, cooking (and eating) food, making scrapbooks, and of course – fashion! This blog will be dedicated to a little of everything that I love, from Tory Burch perforated leather wedge booties to the latest elementary school craze Silly Bandz. But mostly I will talk about my latest purchases, what I will wear them with, and how I will wear this with that.