Sunday, September 19, 2010

Go West Young Woman

Don't you want to look like this fresh and happy 1970s woman in her pre-washed denim? No? Me neither. That's why I am very excited about denim's fresh new perspective for fall. My favorite way to wear this trend is the denim button down blouse. Which bears no resemblance to that lovely denim blouse in the above ad, don't worry. This trend can go very wrong if paired with say, more denim. Now add some cowboy boots, or maybe a long flower skirt and you're starting to look like you're ready to wrangle some cattle or head straight to Woodstock - neither of which are spectacular looks. However, if you keep it simple and elegant, denim shirts look modern and fresh.

Here are three great denim blouses on the market right now

3. Goldsign Camicia Denim Top 216.

Wear this outfit with blouse number one. Tuck in the denim shirt just in the front of these blouse-y shorts for a relaxed day look. Pair it with black suede ankle boots for some glam, and wear gold accessories. I love this rope braided necklace and stack of gold bangles.

Pair shirt number two by tucking it into this ikat skirt in sublte colors.Accessorize with a thick brown belt and these two-tone brown platforms. I also love the idea of this light scarf in a subtle print that is different from the ikat. Since it's the scarf, the double print isn't too overwhelming.

Finally, here is a wonderful look for denim shirt number three. I love the idea of the denim shirt over leggings with dark cognac over the knee boots. Throw on a slouchy gray sweater over the shirt, then accessorize with a red scarf and gold bangles with white glass embellishments.