Monday, November 22, 2010

Recipe for Thanksgiving Dressing

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I guess I cheat a little by lumping it in with Christmas - but the Thanksgiving/Christmas season is my favorite (yeah that is cheating...). I love to entertain others, and so I love hosting those that come over to Thanksgiving. I cook everything for the Thanksgiving dinner - which includes brining the turkey for nine hours, making two types of pie, appetizers, vegetables, and of course - stuffing. And as we all know - Thanksgiving is this week! Oh, what to wear on Thanksgiving?

In the place of my weekly trend, this week on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I am going to show three different Thanksgiving outfits. One for a formal Thanksgiving, one for a Thanksgiving with your significant-other's family, and one outfit for a casual thanksgiving. Today, we are looking at an excellent formal outfit.

Thanksgiving is the perfect place to embrace deep fall colors. For the formal look - I like dark eggplant. This simple gathered sheath dress is a perfect base for accessories to add some glamor. If you'd like to be on the more conservative end, wear a black cardigan over the dress belted with this stretch jewel belt and chevron patterned tights. If you want to show a little more skin, pick one or the other, or leave off both! It all depends on what you're comfortable with for your occasion. Even if you ditch the sweater, keep the jeweled belt to give the dress more shape. Wear a dramatic bib necklace to spice up this simple dress, and round-toe, suede black pumps to complete the look in a classy way. And you're ready for a formal Thanksgiving dinner. Eat up!