Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Recipe for Thanksgiving Dressing

Now this is what my Thanksgiving will look like. Casual, relaxed, with my dearest family. Actually, my Thanksgiving will be a little more harried than this I am sure. I will probably be wearing an apron when our guests arrive - hopefully it will be a cute one from Anthropologie. But underneath the apron I plan to have on an outfit just like this:

I love this deep yellow sweater with red velvet flats - the perfect fall combination inspired by the changing leaves. Wear this oversized sweater over a crisp white oxford (clearly a staple in my closet) and with skinny cropped black pants. Mix this classic casual look with a tribal-inspired black beaded necklace. This is the perfect outfit for an at home Thanksgiving. Now go and enjoy your holiday everyone! Have a wonderful day tomorrow.