Friday, December 3, 2010

Casual Fridays

Casual Fridays have become one of my favorite posts to do. Probably because this is how I dress on a day to day basis and I get to embrace my natural style choices. For this look, I would wear a long tank, like this one from T by Alexander Wang. T by Alexander Wang is a great brand. Their tops are so comfortable and will last forever. I highly suggest investing in some great basic tees from this brand. I would then pair the tank with a camel jacket (the color of the season). Corduroy is a good fabric for fall and thicker in terms of keeping you warm. On bottom, I would wear a lean boyfriend jean - don't go all the way into a baggy boyfriend jean as that wouldn't look right, but one with some fit towards your figure will look great. Finally, accessorize for deep purple leather flats and a gem-stone necklace like this one in a pale jade color for some nice colorful additions to the look. Have a happy weekend!