Monday, December 20, 2010

I Would Die For...Accessories

You know when you're shopping and you see that one thing, that outrageously expensive, gorgeous thing you must. own. now? Why care that it will cause a major dent in your credit card? You're fixated and it isn't going to end until that item is in your possession. Well, I feel that quite often. And I'm feeling it now. When scouring shops looking for Christmas gifts for other people, I inevitably find something (okay many things) that I want. So this week, I am going to do a "Nonsense vs Necessary" series for various items I have run into that I am going crazy for. I'll show you the outrageous item, as well as a cheaper alternative.

I would kill for those Christian Louboutin spike flats. I would wear them with a Mad Men style 1960s dress and a belted cardigan in bright colors - very good girl on top, edgy punk on the bottom. I know that the shape of the shoes is different (pointy toe versus square toe), and silver versus gold studs, but I think it's very important to keep the continuity of pyramid studs instead of flat studs. The latter are easily found.

I adore this Marc Jacobs bag. I love ladylike structured bags in textured leathers. A great alternative to this expensive bag is this faux ostrich leather bag from ASOS.

 Rings are perhaps my favorite accessory. Huge cocktail rings to be specific. That's why this one from YSL would be a dream come true. But instead of blowing $795 on one ring, I'll take this cluster ring from Max & Chloe! The colors don't match perfectly, but I think the resemblance is quiet impressive.