Friday, January 28, 2011

How to Mix Prints

Mixing floral prints can look great - but also like Bozo the Clown. Here are the keys: keep them in the same color palette, and vary the size of the floral print. 

Like the above - a light blue cardigan and a navy skirt, where the cardigan has a very small print and the skirt is a bigger and more abstract print. 

For the skirt, I don't love the black belt with it, so I would remove it and wear a cream one to compliment the other colors better. Over the cardigan wear a dark gray, or in this case what Madewell calls "heathered blacktop," blazer. 

And the shoes should compliment the palette of the entire outfit. I got so lucky finding these! Gray with blue color-blocking - the perfect colors. Now go and mix some prints with ease!