Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wear With Two Tone Brogues

My favorite TV show of all time is Gilmore Girls, and as a part of Rory Gilmore's high school uniform, she had to wear saddle shoes. I understand that brogues and saddle shoes are different - brogues are characterized by a decorative toe cap, whereas a saddle shoe has the decorative "saddle" over your foot - but they seem very similar to me so when this trend came across my radar all I could think of was a private school girl's uniform. However, with the right outfit, a private school uniform will not even cross your mind while wearing two-tone brogues (seen on several celebrities lately). 

Here is one suggestion of how to create an outfit around a pair of brogues:

These brogues are a pinkish leather with dark brown accents. This pair of brogues are certainly eye-catching, so keep the rest of the elements of the outfit in basic colors. 

Wear a khaki brown pleated skirt (and I wouldn't object to tights in this weather). On top, wear a slouchy boyfriend tee with a tailored blazer. The blazer draws in the tailored structure of the shoes, and the oversized tee keeps it casual and cool. 

Throw on a scarf for warmth in a creamy winter white. And you've got a pitch-perfect outfit that will complement the shoes without pulling attention away from them.