Thursday, July 22, 2010

Look! Shiny!

If you want me to wear something, put sequins on it. I’m serious, if there are sequins in a store I will find them and want them. Case in point: this H&M sweatshirt-material cardigan that is embellished with sequin flowers. This is in stores now and has a price tag of 29.95. It’s a lot of look, and that’s why it needs to be paired with a simple outfit. I would describe my style as classic, with a touch of feminine and a touch of edginess. Therefore, I tend to subscribe to the idea that one heavily embellished piece is enough in an ensemble, I think people who just pile it on look fake and over styled, but that’s just me.

What I'll wear with it: A basic black v-neck from American Apparel, a stack of simple gold bangles like these from Forever 21, and my favorite pair of AG skinny jeans.

Here are some other great sequin cardigans on the market right now
1. French Connection Bronte Cardigan, 59.99. I like the checked pattern but since it's all black, it's subtle, not tacky.
2. JCrew Peekaboo Sequin Cardigan, 118.00. This cardigan is more for someone who doesn't want over the top sparkle, but if you like the idea of a little bit of embellishment this is the cardigan for you.
3. JCrew Cascading Sequin Cardigan, 118.00. The alternating patterns of sequins are fun but not too much.
4. Marc by Marc Jacobs Sequined Merino Wool Cardigan, 300. The all over sequins make this glamorous, and would dress up any simple look.