Thursday, July 22, 2010


Oh My Adriano Goldschmied, that is. Finding jeans should be easy. They are an American staple going back to the gold rush and Levi’s. Therefore there should be jeans for my body type just waiting for me to come snap them up at Bloomingdales! Wrong. Well, sort of right, it just takes perseverance. Let me describe myself a little here. I am 5’10”, but most of my height comes from my torso and not from my legs. I also have a smaller top half than bottom half. My tops are usually a 4 whereas my pants are a 6 or 8 depending on the brand. Because of all this, shopping for jeans can be an interesting adventure for me.

I finally struck gold, and the location of my gold rush is not Coloma, CA, but the AG store. And specifically the cut they call “the stilt.” It is a skinny leg jean but has a 12” ankle opening which is the key for me. I have muscular thighs from years of horse-back riding, and therefore I need the combination of a skinny jean (to elongate the leg) and the slightly wider opening at the ankle (to balance the widest part of my hips). The AG “stilt” is a dream come true. In any wash I buy them, they are flattering, and that’s about six different washes at this point. They obviously aren’t for everyone, but if it sounds like you might have a similar body type to me I would find a way to try on a pair ASAP. I also recommend that even if your body type is different from mine to try on jeans at AG. I went to their huge SoHo boutique with my mom and some family friends and we all found body changing pairs of jeans that are amazingly flattering.

Good luck, and happy denim-hunting.