Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Who Wears Short-Shorts?

Okay, so this title is a little deceiving, because these shorts aren’t short-shorts. Thank god. I’ll be the first to admit, I am not a size 0. Therefore, I am always happy to find flattering shorts. Why are they always the hardest? Dresses and skirts are no problem, but shorts rank up there with swim suits on the frustration meter for me. Lo and behold, these shorts came into my life on a trip to Madewell in Los Angeles, and I was hooked. They are the perfect flattering length, so easy and breezy--making them lovely in the heat, and a luxurious fabric.

What I’ll wear it with: because the shorts are such a rich blue, it looks great both with neutrals and other bright popping colors. I’ll pair it with a nude Club Monaco razor-back tank with a bubble hem, creating a voluminous and girly flow without adding bulk to the look. And on my feet I’ll wear light brown leather studded sandals from Tory Burch. On the colorful end, I’ll pair it with a JCrew hot pink tank tucked in to the shorts just in the front to create the bubble hem look that the Club Monaco top provides. You could wear this look with the Tory shoes as well, but a great alternative are these studded gladiator sandals from JCrew.

This JCrew top in blush stone is a great alternative to the Club Monaco top. And this Forever 21 tank is a great bright coral to pair with the blue of the shorts.