Thursday, July 22, 2010

Romper Room

I have spent most of my formative fashions years in fear of rompers. I’ve read enough posts on Go Fug Yourself about the myriad of issues they present, number one being the dreaded camel toe. There, I said it. See for yourself here. But then, I saw this silk striped romper at JCrew and despite my better judgment I tried it on. And it was so pretty! It was the perfect length for shorts on me, and it showed off my long and lean torso. (I am a tall girl – 5’10” – and the height is all in my torso). I felt as if I was betraying someone by liking a romper. But I forced myself to realize that it was legitimately flattering, and that day I learned how to embrace a romper.

What I’ll wear it with: it should be stated that a romper is like a dress and therefore a pretty complete look on its own. I would pair it with my favorite sandals of the summer mentioned in my previous post, the studded Tory sandals. Also, for when evenings become cool, I would wear a sheer cardigan. I am a huge cardigan fan, so I have about ten that would work with this. But here are some great ones you can find now:

1. JCrew Infinity Cardigan 89.50 I have this sweater, a Merino blend, from JCrew in about five different colors. I love the length and they are the perfect weight for layering.
2. JCrew Featherweight Cotton Long Cardigan 44.99 This is another great option from JCrew in a cotton.
3. Theory Cardigan 104.99 I like the 3/4 length sleeve for the summer, and the zipper detail that runs around the neck is a fun update instead of buttons
4. Marc by Marc Jacobs Bow Embellished Cardigan 160. This Marc by Marc sweater is a perfect length and weight, I love the color against the cream and navy of the romper, and the bow detail is sweet but not too cutesy