Monday, September 27, 2010

Gilty as Charged

On the opposite end of the spectrum from minimalism is opulence. While minimalism has certainly dominated the trend discourse -- opulent gold actually had its own moment on the runways for Fall/Winter 2010. Main inspiration: Alexander McQueen, but gilded dresses showed up everywhere from Dries Van Noten to Diane von Furstenberg to Lanvin (left to right in the above image).

There are two keys to mastering this trend. First, don't look trashy in some sort of overly tight, gold lamé business - there is no reason for this to trend look cheap, it should look the opposite, it should look expensive. Second, please, oh please, keep it simple. These dresses are gold all over the place, there is no need to pile on jewelry as it would quickly become what Tim Gunn calls, "a lot of look." Here are several lovely gilded out dresses in a variety of prices.

Now here are the simple things I would wear these glamorous gold dresses with. I recommend keeping it really simple with just black pumps, but if you love to accessorize - stick to rings. This will add bling without going over the top.