Friday, September 24, 2010

Living in Leather Part II

 Welcome to Part II of the leather series. This episode is dedicated to a more controversial leather item - leather shorts. These are the definition of trendy. Whereas leather jackets seem to have staying power, leather shorts are new to the scene. Well, new to the scene of fashionable items - as leather shorts actually stem from traditional lederhosen a la Kurt in Sound of Music. Sans suspenders and pastoral embroidery, leather shorts have made quite the impression this season, earning a "Love It or Hate It" reputation. That's probably because, being honest about leather's reputation, it can look trashy and cheap. I think that we would love it if leather shorts looked good on all of us, but we are hesitant because our better instincts say to avoid tight, short, leather products. So approach this trend with caution. I do genuinely think there is a way to make this trend work, and it may mean forcing yourself to go up a size. Because when it comes down to it, it isn’t about the number it’s about how you look in the clothes. And this is not a trend you want to fit snugly, they will look so much better a little bit wide in the leg.

 1. ASOS Airtex Leather Shorts 102.
2. Sparkle & Fade Leather Shorts 128.
 3. Theory Iselin Leather Shorts 315.

Leather shorts look great with a bold printed sweater - I really like this tiger print sweater in cream and brick red. Keeping the top a little big over leather shorts keeps the look classy. 

A tight top and leather shorts, would probably be described this way by Louse Roe via a Plain Jane episode "you look sexy! The kind of sexy men pay for..." 

Make the look sexy with the oversize sweater by wearing black booties like these woven ones. And I like the bangles picking up the tiger print in a different color scheme and the white Kenneth Jay Lane gold and glass bangle.

For a more formal look, like Olivia Palermo's in the above photo, wear leather shorts with a flowy white blouse, a feminine necklace like this glass necklace from JCrew, a boyfriend blazer, black tights and black platform pumps. 

Leather shorts can look feminine and delicate. For a feminine look that is also cozy for fall wear a nude colored tank with some embellishments like this rhinestone studded one from JCrew. Pile on an oversize knit and scarf for some warmth, and wear metallic flats to pick up on the embellishments on the top.