Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Over the River and Through the Woods...

For the girl who is always put together, try this mix of casual and professional. I am willing to let myself go a little in the airport. And by let myself go I mean let my appearance go. I am not a celebrity, paparazzi will not be waiting outside baggage claim when I arrive. But some people really like to look pulled together at all times. More power to them. Here is what I would wear to look chic in the airport.

I love the mix of this outfit - the denim and canvas mixed with the printed blouse and skinny cropped black pants. It takes the look from office appropriate to dressed-up daywear. I would wear a comfortable flowly blouse in a fun print, like this one from Topshop (which has a bunch of adorable printed tops right now). I would not wear anything skin tight to the airport. That's just uncomfortable. Over the blouse, instead of a sweater or blazer, pull on a denim jacket to obtain that casual chic look. 

Wear black skinny pants on the bottom. I love these slouchy-skinny ones from Calvin Klein. They look both comfortable and flattering. Worn with black heels, a blouse and a blazer, you're ready for the office. But with a fun blouse and other relaxed pieces you will look appropriate for a day of travel (or lunch with a friend).

I cannot say this enough: I beg you to stick to flats. It may be tempting to wear boots or heels, but pulling those off and on is always a hassle. And honestly, why would you wear heels to the airport?  Wear red flats to pick up on the accent colors in the blouse. Of course, different blouse, different flats - remember to coordinate appropriately. Finally, use a canvas bag in a complimenting color as your carryall: like this one from Lands' End. It will add to the easy casualness of the look.